5 Ridgeline Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ridgeline is a name synonymous with durability and quality. And while they’re known for their jackets and boots, they make a ton of other products as well.

Are you surprised?  Here are 5 Ridgeline products you didn’t know you needed:

Canvas Pouches

Ridgeline pouches are made of canvas and come in two distinct sizes. They’re perfect to hold bullets and other incidentals during hunting or camping trips.

However, you can use them for anything you need them for. For example, Ridgeline pouches make great makeup or toiletry bags for people who want to go for a much more understated pouch to hold their makeup supplies.

The slots for bullets can hold a ton of other supplies, making these pouches ideal for a bevy of use-cases. The best thing is that the quality means that you’re going to have these pouches for a very long time, unlike other commercial pouches.

Ridgeline Caps

Ridgeline caps are great because of the unique material that is used to make them. This means that unlike other caps, they’re extremely breathable.

For those hot Aussie days, there’s nothing better than the Ridgeline Sable Airflow cap. It shelters you from the Sun, doesn’t make you feel too hot, and has a truly classic design.

Who says that you have to choose between function and form? With this cap, you can have both.


On longer trekking trips, you’re going to be spending larger portions of time where you don’t have access to clean water. While water cleansing pellets work, it’s always safer to have clean water on you.

Ridgeline’s compact hydro-packs come with water bladders with plenty of water storage.. With Australia’s hot summers water on a hike is a must have and these make carrying an adequate supply that much easier

The 3D Ghillie Suit

This is camo 2.0. This 3D leaf buffalo camo is not just lightweight and compact, but it also helps you essentially disappear from the sight of game that you might be hunting.

The matching trousers it comes with really make you blend in with the landscape that you are hiding in.

It also serves the double purpose of being an electrifying Halloween costume this time of year. It’s a hunter costume overflowing with a special flair.


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