Choosing a Jacket for Hiking


If you had to go with one—and only one—jacket for your hiking trip, would you take a bluey or a hoodie? Your camping clobber crop (what?????) is never really chockers unless there’s a sturdy jacket thrown into the mix. Jackets can be a tough nut to choose, especially since you won’t be carrying a couple of them to your trail. The most you can do is know what you’ll need according to the weather and the terrain, and make your best pick.

And we’re here to guide you how!

What to Wear When You’re Going Hiking


You’ve probably been planning your hiking trip for a long time now, and when the big day finally arrives, we’re sure you’d want to give it heaps. But to make sure that the trip is really going to go off you’ll need a lot of beforehand prep: from food concerns to clothing, there’s just so much that goes into packing for hiking.

And if you’ve been concerned about what you’re going to wear on the trip, wash away all worries—because we’ve got some bonzer ideas!

Conscientious Camping: How to Camp Non-Intrusively


A trip to the bush with all your mates is indeed an exciting idea! Just pack your bags and strap them on, pull on your boots, and you’re ready for the best camping trip of your life!

Hunting with Kids: A GUIDE FOR PARENTS


Essentials for Hunting: Gun Safety


What Else To Consider?

Survival Essentials: What you need when braving the Bush


If you’re one of the many blokes and Sheilas who enjoy summer camping in the bush alone or with friends and family, you probably know enough about what gear to take along. If you’re someone visiting Australia or someone going camping or trekking for the first time, you might be wondering how to equip yourself!

Basic Gear – What you’re going to Need

That apple pie your grandma baked last Friday, your wedding album, , and your favourite Master Chef Australia winner’s cookbook . . . yeah, maybe leave all of those out on that long awaited camping trip. It’s Bear Grylls mode on, definitely, but that isn’t to say you should be ready to eat frogs and not make any due preparations in advance.

While it is true that camping is just you, the bare essentials needed for survival, and Nature; it is important to remember what happens to people who slack in their backpack packing rituals. These are only a few of the things which could happen:

· Frostbite

· Backaches

· Blisters

· Injuries

· A ruined camping trip

And the only thing these have in common is that none are ever in favour of a camper. This blog will therefore guide you through the basics of camping which you must carry in order for your trip to not be ruined.

Picking the Right Rucksack or Camping Bag: Things to Look For


 “I’m going on an adventure!”

These iconic words were said by Bilbo Baggins of Bag End, who without a bag on his shoulders ran off to an adventure in the mountains. Everyone whose body is host to a restless spirit has shouted these words in excitement at least once, and good riddance too: camping is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have in their lifetime. But unlike what they show in the movies, you don’t venture out into the woods wearing nothing but your Sunday best, and no matter how hard Disney tries there are no friendly Baloos or beasts waiting to take you under their protective wings.

Out in the wilderness, it’s every man for himself. And it is for this reason that your rucksack has to be chosen and packed just right.

And since you are no Bilbo Baggins, this blog is all about helping you choose the right bag for the right adventure.

The Ultimate Guide to Ridgeline Clothing


Tough clothing is epitomized by Ridgeline’s design. Period.

The company has been around for more than 25 years, and firmly believes in its message of quality outdoor clothing that’s not just comfortable, but also affordable for most people.

While Ridgeline prides itself on the characteristics of its unique custom fabric for outdoor and hunting uses, (durability, warmth, functionality, and comfort) its clothing is also fashion-forward. They have multiple clothing items that are great for daily wear and look amazing.

5 Ridgeline Products You Didn’t Know You Needed


Ridgeline is a name synonymous with durability and quality. And while they’re known for their jackets and boots, they make a ton of other products as well.

Are you surprised?  Here are 5 Ridgeline products you didn’t know you needed

A Guide to Choosing the Right Backpack for an Outdoor Adventure


Picking the right gear for your grand outdoor adventure can be a nerve-racking experience. You want to get it right the first time. Most people agree that there’s no more important piece of kit than your backpack. It’s always going to be on you, and you need it to be reliable. There’s nothing worse than finding out on the trip that your backpack doesn’t quite cut it.

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