The Ultimate Guide to Ridgeline Clothing


Tough clothing is epitomized by Ridgeline’s design. Period.

The company has been around for more than 25 years, and firmly believes in its message of quality outdoor clothing that’s not just comfortable, but also affordable for most people.

While Ridgeline prides itself on the characteristics of its unique custom fabric for outdoor and hunting uses, (durability, warmth, functionality, and comfort) its clothing is also fashion-forward. They have multiple clothing items that are great for daily wear and look amazing.

5 Ridgeline Products You Didn’t Know You Needed


Ridgeline is a name synonymous with durability and quality. And while they’re known for their jackets and boots, they make a ton of other products as well.

Are you surprised?  Here are 5 Ridgeline products you didn’t know you needed

A Guide to Choosing the Right Backpack for an Outdoor Adventure


Picking the right gear for your grand outdoor adventure can be a nerve-racking experience. You want to get it right the first time. Most people agree that there’s no more important piece of kit than your backpack. It’s always going to be on you, and you need it to be reliable. There’s nothing worse than finding out on the trip that your backpack doesn’t quite cut it.

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