Hard and rocky ground at the likes of Lightening Ridge and Mount Panorama at Bathurst are campers worst nightmare. With the Hardcore Peggy Peg you know the peg is going in and will stay in. no more frustration of bent pegs and hammering your fingers trying to get a normal peg in. And no more having to tie to other objects to secure your equipment, this bad boy has you covered.

The Hardcore peg is designed to be hammered in to hard packed ground, rocky gravel, road base and we have even seen it hammered into tarmac. But the best feature of this peg is that it will screw out in seconds meaning you won’t have to get new pegs every time you head home.

The Hardcore tent pegs will save you time every time you use them and save you money over the long term as you won’t have to replace them each time you go camping.

We have had conversations with customers who said they have used heaps of effort on the hammer drill to break the ground to get a normal peg in. Then at the same location were able to hammer in a Hardcore in a fraction of the time.

Manufactured from aluminium. It’s 150mm long, dumpy 14mm diameter and light at 45g each and with a tensile strength of 70Nm it’s the real deal. The design is like a wedge that expands in the ground the further it goes in. The lower part is threaded for grip but more importantly the thread released the peg from the ground in a few twists. The rope clip works in the same way all the other Peggy Pegs work and can be adjusted depending on how far the Hardcore Peg can be driven in.

Pack Contents:

  • 4 Large Pegs
  • 4 blue rope clips


  • Length: 150mm,
  •  Diameter: 14mm,
  •  weight 45g each and comes in a pack of 4.
  •  Torque strength 70Nm.
  •  17mm Hex Head

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