Survival Essentials: What you need when braving the Bush

Survival Essentials: What you need when braving the Bush

If you’re one of the many blokes and Sheilas who enjoy summer camping in the bush alone or with friends and family, you probably know enough about what gear to take along. If you’re someone visiting Australia or someone going camping or trekking for the first time, you might be wondering how to equip yourself!

Basic Gear – What you’re going to Need

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Remember, unlike a trip to the beach, if you’re going to camp or trek in the bush, you’re going to need to carry more than just a slab and your  swimmers! We’re going to elaborate on some of the stuff you absolutely must carry when looking to camp out.

Water Supply

Depending on where you’re headed, water access may or may not be something that is available. It is important to remember that Aussie summers can get pretty heated. If you’re traveling and trekking, you will need ample amounts of water and then some in case of emergencies.

If you want an estimate; we’re talking about four liters of H2O per head for every day you’re out. This doesn’t include what you might need to wash up. It also helps to carry items like Aqua Tabs which are used to purify water while on the go from whatever sources are available, making it fit for consumption.


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Even if you think you might be able to snag something to make a quick meal out of in the bush, it really isn’t that simple. Further, depending on where you’re headed, poaching might  get you shot! You never know what the food situation is going to be. Hunger can cause discomfort and pretty much ruin your trip so it is important to carry enough food.

If you’re having trouble storing food or want to stock a little extra for emergencies, you can look into freeze dried meats and vegetables. These options are safe, quick by way of prep and easy to store even if all you’re carrying is a knapsack!

Protection from the Elements & Wildlife

Overnight trips to the bush in Australia during the summers are great because you can actually camp under the stars! This being said, daytime can be hot and tents also provide much needed protection in case of sandstorms or other environmental inconveniences. It is important to make sure you take a tent or some form of weather/elemental protection. Don’t forget to grab a sleeping bag, mattress or swag for yourself while you’re at it!

Protection from the elements is also provided by the clothes you wear and other items you carry along. Don’t forget to dress for the weather. Carry sunscreen and take a pair of sunnys along if you need em’!

You may also know that Australia is home to some of the most fascinating wildlife species on the planet due to our partly isolated ecosystem. What you must remember is some of the species you may come across are matched in magnificence with ferocity. Foot protection is essential. You don’t want to get bitten half way through your trip!

First Aid and Other Gear

Finally, you will need to take first aid supplies with you. Anything can happen when out in the bush and you don’t want to be caught with your pants down literally and figuratively! You can either put together your own first aid kit or purchase a readymade one. Just don’t forget those emergency supplies if you’re going out back.

You will also need to carry other gear to help make your trip heaps easier. This includes spare rope, lighting (torches and electric lanterns are both recommended) and a pocket knife, leatherman or blade. And don’t forget the mozzie repellant!

Get Going

If you’re good with these basics, you’re good to go! Remember, when it comes to hitting the bush , the better prepared you are, the better that trip or trek will be! If you’re looking for camping supplies or any of the items mentioned in this blog, you might want to check out what we’ve got at our military surplus store. We stock heaps of cool stuff including camping gear and other outdoor accessories available to customers in Australia and all over the world, online!

In any case, happy camping!