Camping Supplies 101: What Should I Carry in my Camping Bag?

The Footwear

You’ll be trekking over rugged terrain, not concrete pavements for days. Your shoes then, have to accommodate the extreme adventure and cannot be low-cut or lightweight. They have to be supportive and comfortable so that they can carry you through the journey without wearing out and making you look like a vagabond. This is especially the case with longer journeys on which you’re carrying heavy bags and for journeys over rocky terrain.

Ignoring the right footwear means blisters all over. Make sure it reaches above the ankle and is waterproof.

The Right Clothing

On mountainous terrains, the weather can change drastically—going from luscious warm to icy cold with the setting of the sun. The fluctuations at high altitude are sharp and sudden, and will leave you shivering if you’re not adequately prepared for the night. Take a sleeping mat and warm clothing unless you prefer morphing into an  icy pole. Also, don’t forget the rain jacket—and never you mind what the weather man says.

Organize Your Pack

You should be able to extract whatever you need in a jiffy from your bag, and not spend a lot of time with your hand simply in there, rummaging around like a child with their hand inside a candy machine. Make sure you get a bag with multiple compartments so that organizing is easier, and even so when you’re stuffing your bag, do so with care.

The Gear

Here comes the technical stuff which campers love to discuss and pack, which varies from camper to camper based on the nature of the camping trip. The essentials include:

· A backpack (duh!)

· Sleeping bag

· Sleeping mat

· Lightweight metal eating utensils

· A canister of fuel

· Water bladders and water purification tablets such as Aquatabs 

· Matches, waterproof

· A first aid kit (just the essentials: bandages, antibiotic, etc.)

· A set of knives

· A headlamp, and a flashlight with extra batteries

· A trowel for waste

· Trash bag (never leave your trash behind on camping trips)

· A soap and toothpaste

· A compass if you’re going to need one for navigation

· A map, if needed or a GPS device

· Sunscreen and sunglasses

· An emergency shelter in case you might need one

· Extra clothes food and water for emergencies

· Light weight emergency blanket

Ready to Begin Packing?

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