The Ultimate Guide to Ridgeline Clothing

Tough clothing is epitomized by Ridgeline’s design. Period.

The company has been around for more than 25 years, and firmly believes in its message of quality outdoor clothing that’s not just comfortable, but also affordable for most people.

While Ridgeline prides itself on the characteristics of its unique custom fabric for outdoor and hunting uses, (durability, warmth, functionality, and comfort) its clothing is also fashion-forward. They have multiple clothing items that are great for daily wear and look amazing.

Here’s the only guide you’ll ever need for Ridgeline clothing.

For Protection From the Elements

Ridgeline has you covered—literally— with their range of jackets and hoodies. Their jackets come in both waterproof and normal varieties, making them perfect for adventurers looking to brave nature.

Their hoodies are made with a mixture of polyester and cotton fleece, and are available in a range of timeless designs that make them great for everyday wear.

Boots On the Ground

Whether you’re the sort of person who just loves having a tough appearance, or a seasoned hunter or trekker, the Arapahoe and Apache boots from Ridgeline won’t wear out on you.

They are designed for both durability and aesthetic, a combination that usually isn’t seen together.

If you’re looking for boots that will last you for a very long time, you can’t go wrong with these ones.  The full grain Nubuck leather and the waterproofing membrane make these boots resistant to wear and tear, and to water as well.

So whether you’re hunting, hiking, enjoying the great outdoors, or just wearing them while working on a project every day, these boots are perfect.

Caps, Gloves, Beanies, Pouches, And So Much More!

You probably didn’t even know this, but there are a ton of Ridgeline caps, beanies, gloves, and pouches that are available in many different simple yet remarkable designs.

If you’re looking for a canvas pouch with bullet storage in it for hunting trips, Ridgeline has them in two sizes, depending on how much you want to stock in them. Store your incidentals in these pouches as well, and attach them to your belt for ease of access. It’s the ultimate in utility pouches

Want to be the coolest kid in school? How about taking a  Ridgeline bag when you go?



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