Choosing a Jacket for Hiking

If you had to go with one—and only one—jacket for your hiking trip, would you take a bluey or a hoodie? Your camping clobber crop (what?????) is never really chockers unless there’s a sturdy jacket thrown into the mix. Jackets can be a tough nut to choose, especially since you won’t be carrying a couple of them to your trail. The most you can do is know what you’ll need according to the weather and the terrain, and make your best pick.

And we’re here to guide you how!

Understanding the Weather Conditions

You need to understand that the weather keeps changing, and that even if you start on a dry day, the rain might hit you the very next day. For the colder conditions, you’ll need to look at materials that are good insulators, so that the heat is best kept out. This doesn’t make sense

Fluffy, padded jackets are good to go for this weather. For the rainier seasons and forests (such as Top Enders need to be worried about) it’s the waterproof options you’ll be looking at.

Then, of course, there’s the cold and wet dilemma, and simply going with an insulator won’t work out. You need something that dries out quickly (warmer material usually takes longer to dry out) and can keep you insulated when you’re dripping. For this particular situation, you’ll need to look for something that is synthetic.

Our Picks

Conditions can get pretty chilly in the wild, especially in camping season. What you’re looking for is something that’s warm, preferably made from cotton or polyester. This is the classic Ridgeline Pride Hoodie description on its own, except that Ridgeline stands out by virtue of carrying a unique buffalo camo print This Hoodie does NOT have a buffalo print which makes you look quite sporty.

There’s more artwork out on the front, and the jacket itself is very durable and sure to last you many years. Lastly, this is one of the comfiest jackets you’ll find anywhere in Australia—and is a great option for the windier and drier trails.

For the rainier conditions, there’s always the Ridgeline Fleece Pro Hunt. Made from fleece you need to mention what makes it waterproof and perfectly waterproof, this is the perfect anti-rain jacket. It also comes with chest pockets spacious enough to hold binos, and a rear pocket that you can reach easily.

When you’re looking at something for the chilly rainy seasons, there’s the Flying Navy to consider. Made from polyester and insulated with polyfill, this is a jacket that does both: keep you insulated and keeps the wind at bay. It has also got many zips to ensure that you’re not losing any valuables on the way.

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