What to Wear When You’re Going Hiking

You’ve probably been planning your hiking trip for a long time now, and when the big day finally arrives, we’re sure you’d want to give it heaps. But to make sure that the trip is really going to go off you’ll need a lot of beforehand prep: from food concerns to clothing, there’s just so much that goes into packing for hiking.

And if you’ve been concerned about what you’re going to wear on the trip, wash away all worries—because we’ve got some bonzer ideas!

Say No to Cotton and Denim

Cotton and denim are all nice and comfy, that’s until you make it to the woods and they cling to you like your ex. They make you sweat, give you the chills, and they’re particularly uncomfortable if things take a wet turn—we mean cotton and denim, of course. Cotton and jeans, then, are a no-no.

Wool, Nylon, and Polyester: Yessum!

Wool undies might not sound as flash as you’d like; but they’re comfy and keep the sweat off. These materials also dry out fairly quickly, which means they’re swell items for any clothing that’s supposed to touch your skin: tees, skids, briefs, and more. In other words, they’re master moisture managers.

What are you trying to say here?

Trails can be tough since you’ve got to move very far, very fast. The task means you need to easy on, and you can’t do that if you’re dressed in uncomfortable pants. What you need is a pair of sturdy pants that are also comfy enough to let you be as flexible as you like. The material needs to be tough and durable, since there’s no telling when a branch will scratch your arm or a boulder will come rolling towards you.

Warm Jackets

Fleece works best when you think of warm jackets for a wintery night, but there’s something that works better than a boring old plain fleece jacket: a padded, fluffy jacket that promises extra protection against the chills. Water-resistance padded jackets like Ridgeline’s Tempest Line are actually pretty smart choices.  


Whether you’re in the Top End or down under in the lucky country, it might begin raining any moment. If you’re a regular camper, you probably already know that you can’t go out into the world without proper rainwear. Protecting yourself from the onslaught isn’t just because you’re trying not to get wet—it can make you feel pretty crook in the long run. Look for something breathable, durable, and waterproof.

Smart Picks

If you’re headed out to the bush this July or August, might we suggest Ridgeline Arapahoe boots as a sturdy footwear option? Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more composite, check out the Ridgeline Top to Toe pack that you can get on sale from OzSurplus.

Give us a call at +612 4822 1020 for more information, and be sure to check out more of our clothing options for your camping trip. There’s a lot in store, so be sure you’re not missing out on some of the greatest military and Australian camping gear online!