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Cold?  Not any longer!! 

We have a range of blankets including cotton, wool blend and 100% wool. We stock various styles including military and commercial market grade. Great quality in new or pre loved. Along with our great range of mattresses.

Ex- Military 100% Wool Blanket (Out of Stock)
Code: BL012

Retail $64.00 inc GST

Wool Army Blanket Grey
Code: BL001

Retail $39.00 inc GST

Cotton Fibre Blanket
Code: 27103

Retail $20.00 inc GST

Velour Air Beds
Code: AI4701

From Retail $35.00 inc GST

EPE Self-Inflating Mattress 10cm
Code: SIMF100

Retail $169.00 inc GST

EPE Self-Inflating Mattress 6cm
Code: SIMF60

Retail $119.00 inc GST

EPE Self-Inflating Mattress 3.5cm
Code: SIMF35

Retail $99.00 inc GST

Mannagum Self-Inflating Mattress
Code: AB413

Retail $119.00 inc GST

Double Action Air Pump
Code: PP006

Retail $25.00 inc GST

Bellows Pump
Code: 39994

Retail $25.00 inc GST

Emergency Blanket
Code: 25345

Retail $9.00 inc GST



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