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As described by the title this department has to do with hunting and the items required to achieve the best outcome from hours spent enjoying your pastime.

Below is a link for a local Bowsmith that will make the traditional style of bows to your specifications.

Please watch this YouTube video and if you are interested in purchasing a one of a kind "Ranger Bow" Please contact us at or contact Stuart at

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Falcon Compound Bow Package
Code: 5315

Retail $392.00 inc GST

Easton PowerFlight Carbon Arrow (Per Dozen)
Code: AAPF

Retail $150.00 inc GST

Redzone G1 Camo Field Arrow (per dozen)
Code: 5072

Retail $140.00 inc GST

Redzone Bronze Alloy Field Arrow (per dozen)
Code: 5022

Retail $90.00 inc GST

Ridgeline Hunting Dog Collar

Retail $59.00 inc GST

Arrow Carry Tube
Code: 6715

Retail $34.00 inc GST

Redzone 75x75 Target
Code: 6493

Retail $119.00 inc GST

Redzone 5 Spot Target
Code: 6405

Retail $149.00 inc GST

Ridgeline 3D Leaf Buffalo Camo Suit

Retail $129.95 inc GST

3 D synthetic Camoflague suit
Code: 2785

Retail $219.00 inc GST

Pig Dog Stapler Ridgeline
Code: RLAF35

Retail $20.00 inc GST

Ridgeline Jackal Waterproof Jacket Quite-tex

Retail $249.00 inc GST

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